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Rota Fighter Package in Gunmetal - A set of four staggered for t


-Includes 2x 17 x 8 ET48 and 2x 17 x 9 ET50 Rota Fighters in Bronze
-A Great and popular wheel choice for the S2000
-Perfect S2000 fitment
-Great optional extras
-Tyre packages available

What's Included With Your Order?

With your order, you will receive:

Centre caps (one per rim)

Spigot rings (one per rim)

Wheel nuts or bolts (one set per wheel)

If you are unsure that these wheels will fit your car please contact us to discuss fitment, we can offer advice on what sizes, width and offset is best for your car.

Tyres are also available and can be fitted prior to posting, ranging from budget tyres to slicks please contact us.

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