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4E-FTE Race Spec Cam Cover


The 4EFTE engines have no crankcase breathers, they solely depend on the 2 breathers found on the cam cover. Obviously that's fine for there stock output, however when you start tuning the engines, they struggle to cope. On top of all this the breather on the right shuts when the car comes on boost, leaving only one breather functional!

Our Race Spec Cam Covers are chemically cleaned and 2x AN8 are welded into the standard breather locations. They are supplied with a clean/bare surface.

Fitting Size Guide:

AN8 - Same size as standard, but replaces PCV Valve which closes on boost.
AN10 - Good for use with TD04 Turbochargers
AN12 - Recommended for use with Forged Engines

3rd Fitting is only available in AN10 & AN12. Recommended for 350bhp+.

Note: This product is based on an exchange basis. We require a serviceable/unpainted rocker cover in exchange.

Note: We HIGHLY recommend the removal of the stock baffle. This simply can not be cleaned while in place. Due to the age of these cars there will be a huge amount of carbon buildup blocking the breather system up.

  • Manufactured by: Race-Tech

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