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Starlet 4E-FTE 'TD05 Twin Scroll Based' 450bhp+ Turbo Kit


After over a year of R&D, our latest innovative turbo kit is available for the Starlet Turbo. The first Twin-Scroll kit available for these cars, in the world!

The drive-ability & spool of a stock TD04L turbocharger, but yet capable of a scary 450bhp! We highly recommend you stock up on some form of performance tyre supply in preperation for this setup!

Designed for Fully Built 4E-FTE engines.

¬Highly Modified TD05 Billet Wheel Hybrid Turbocharger!
¬Spools like a standard TD04L Turbocharger!
¬Capable of over 450bhp!

Please Note.
3" Downpipe will be supplied with 2-Bolt Flange. This will not fit any existing off-the-shelf JDM Starlet Turbo Exhaust System. A 3" Exhaust System will be required.

Manufactured to Order!
Any Questions Regarding This Kit, Please get in Touch!

  • Manufactured by: Race-Tech

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