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Evo 4, 5, 6 Reference Diagram


PFR44-113 fits the EVO 4&5, for EVO 6 use PFR44-111

The front lower diff mount could be either 62mm (use PFF44-107) or 70.5mm (use PFF44-108

Engine and Transmission mounts ending 'R' are for Road use and are made using our softer Yellow 70A material. For competition and race use, please use the Purple 80A 'non-R' part numbers. Increased NVH should be expected when fitting the 'non-R' parts.

PFF44-105(R) is used twice on the vehicle. It is used for the Upper Engine Mount as well as the Upper Gearbox Mount

PFR44-120 does not fit RS models and those without AYC

PFR44-420 fits RS models and those without AYC

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