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Race Tech Mitsubishi Evo 4-9 Stock Frame Manifold


Fits Evo's 4-9.

Hand made in the UK with a lifetime warranty.

The manifolds feature the longest merge collector on the market. This keeps gases turbulence free when entering the turbo giving better spool and improved top end flow. The also have the longest taper on the market this is the second most critical area. Where the gases merge from the head to the manifold. Many competitors have very steep tapers.
The only manifolds on the market that have pocketed head and turbo flanges which ensures a leak free seal.

Construction is from thick wall stainless steel ensuring a trouble free manifold. Not like the cheap £100 chinese manifolds that last 5 minutes.

So to summarize, the reasons to pick a Race Tech Manifold,

UK made with CNC machined flanges and top quality stainless steel.
Lifetime Warranty
Longest collector angle on the market.
Longest inlet taper.
Pocketed flanges for a better seal.
Unique design allowing best runner lengths and flow

  • Manufactured by: Race-Tech

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